General FAQs

General FAQs

hi could you please advise if there are any short courses available for ergonomics or related? In the western cape region or online. Looking forward to your response.

Thanks for your question. Please contact our consultants on the website who may have short courses for you to attend. As ESSA we do not conduct training.

Hi Could you please advise on what type of lighting should be used in a computerized office and what lumines should the min and max be over the computer work station. Thank you

Thanks for your question. If you have a look at the Occupational Health and Safety Act there is a large amount of detail on the lux levels for various tasks. This is in the Environmental Regulations, under lighting.

What is the legal minimum office space for a person in a single occupancy office?

Thanks for your question. The Occupational Health and Safety Act under the facilities regulations suggests 2.25 square metres per person for an open plan office. It doesn’t specify for an individual office.

Good dayCan the employer be held responsible for not giving ergonomic training and as result employee now has msd injury which has built up over time.The lack of information.Can the company be held liable

Hi Diane, Thanks for your question. If it is proved (by an Ergonomist) that your work contributed to MSD then this can be claimed from the compensation commissioner through the COID act. Training is important from a Occupational Health and Safety Act view which stipulates employees must be trained on safety to prevent injuries and accidents from happening at work. Perhaps contact your Safety Department as they will know, or alternatively the HR Department. You may wish to also contact the Compensation Commissioner.

Would you kindly help with a list of all approved ergonomics consultants within South Africa.

Thanks for your question. Please consult our website for a list of consultants.

Hi, I would like some information about the best carrier or bag for young school children in South Africa

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately we do not have this information available however this website may provide some information www.ergokid

Hi, Are there any standards for what the maximum weight for MANUALLY lifting equipment and other things in the workplace according to the person's age?If so, where can i obtain these standards?

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately this is not legislated but the NIOSH equation is generally used to determine this. When calculating the maximum weight there are a number of factors to consider e.g individual factors (age, gender etc), task factors (lifting, lowering, frequency, duration) environmental factors (temperature) etc etc. It is best to determine this maximum weight by means of an Ergonomics risk assessment as there is no one answer given the number of factors which influence the maximum weight

What is the acceptable room temperature for an admin office?

Thanks for your question. We suggest between 22-23 degrees Celsius and those employees who find this too hot or too cold should dress appropriately. This is recommended based on International Guidelines as South Africa does not stipulate this. You can also refer to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, under the Environmental Regulations for temperature and ventilation

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and finally did the carpal release surgery. I want to know which mouse can you recommend to avoid the recurrence of the syndrome since my work demands use of computer.

Thanks for your question. In terms of a mouse we suggest you perhaps do some online research as this may be a personal choice, however what is strongly recommended is a mouse pad which has a gel wrist support area that supports the carpel tunnel area rather than resting your wrist on a flat mouse pad. This will provide cushioning and support.

Good day, I would like to know people who is wheelchair bound must the office workspace also be 2.25 square meters or will it differ as I can't find anything w.r.t it

Hi Ria, Thanks for your question. You may wish to consult the National Building Regulations SANS 10400 and in particular the section which details workspaces for disabled employees. One would need to consider the turning circle of employees who are wheelchair bound and the extra space required for them to move around comfortably and safely