What is the role of the ESSA?

The role of the Ergonomics Society of South Africa can be sub-divided into four core areas which are outlined below:


It is the responsibility of ESSA and its Professional Affairs Board (PAB) to facilitate the certification of ergonomics in South Africa. ESSA is a federated society of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA) who provides criteria for the certification of ergonomists at an appropriate level of both education and experience.

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Awareness & Understanding

Since ergonomics globally, and particularly in South Africa, is a relatively new profession, there is both a lack of understanding of and awareness of ergonomics within the South African framework. As the bastions of Ergonomics in South Africa it is the role of ESSA to promote:

  • An understanding of ergonomics;
  • An awareness of the discipline; and
  • The benefits that can be derived from the successful implementation of ergonomics principles in the workplace.

Provide Resources

ESSA serves as a resource point for all of its members and those interested in ergonomics. There is a large array of resources available that can be provided to members with information on pertinent ergonomics issues. These resources include:

  • Examples of good practice as evident in South African industries
  • Ergonomics guidelines for specific industries (e.g. office ergonomics guidelines, construction industry, etc)
  • Ergonomics standards and legislation

These guidelines should be developed with the assistance of relevant stakeholders in the various industries.

Strategic Partnerships

Due to the multi-factorial nature of ergonomics it is imperative for ESSA to develop strategic partnerships with other organizations involved in the workplace.